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Brad Paisley pays tribute to firefighters with ‘Planes’ song

LISTEN: Hear a sneak peak of Paisley's new song, written for Disney's "Planes: Fire & Rescue."


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Americans show the world they love soccer too

Americans are starting to get a little rowdy at the World Cup in Brazil.


in Sports

Wednesday’s Sports Minute

A look at the sports news making headlines today, Wednesday, June 18.


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Indie artists could be banned from YouTube

The video-sharing website is introducing a subscription-based service, but it could leave some big name acts out in the cold.


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Shailene Woodley eager to play Stevie Nicks onscreen

The "Divergent" actress is eager to show off her musical skills and portray singer Stevie Nicks onscreen.


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Brian Williams raps ‘Baby Got Back’

Jimmy Fallon is back at it again, this time twisting the news man's words into the classic Sir Mix-A-Lot song.


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Insurgents battle for Iraq refinery

President Barack Obama will meet with the leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday to discuss Iraq.


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Suspected Benghazi ringleader returning to U.S.

A suspected ringleader of the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya has been captured.


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Spectator VP Biden thrilled with U.S. World Cup victory

Vice President Joe Biden might not have resolved a diplomatic spat with Brazil over American espionage, but he got a kick out of seeing the U.S. soccer team win their first World Cup game.


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FDA: Don’t pass the salt

The Food and Drug Administration is issuing voluntary guidelines asking the food industry to lower sodium levels.


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Sisters and strippers make strange neighbors

A group of nuns is suing a strip club behind their convent, complaining of noise, glaring neon lights, fist fights and heaps of litter.


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Today in entertainment history: June 18

A look back on the Hollywood headlines of years past.


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Lawmakers want to ban ‘paid prioritization’ of the Internet

If approved, the bill will ban deals where web content companies pay Internet service providers to deliver their traffic to users faster and more reliably.


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Prosecutors drop case against Paul Simon and Edie Brickell

Prosecutors have decided not to go forward with disorderly conduct charges against the Grammy Award-winning musicians.


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U.S. captures Libyan militant accused in Benghazi attack

The Pentagon says a man accused in a deadly attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, is in U.S. custody.


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OK Go releases another amazing music video

There are no treadmills in sight, but OK Go new music video is just as fantastic!


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Rob Ford, the musical coming to a theater near you

In case anyone's missed the Toronto mayor's scandalous confessions, expletive-laden videos, and drug use, a new production is bringing his story to the stage.


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PSNH asks for electric rate reduction.

The state's largest utility is asking for a rate reduction that would would lead to a slight dip in the average customer's monthly bill.


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Naming your kid Brooklyn proves you’re a tourist

Brooklyn is now one of the nation's most popular baby names ... but not in NYC.


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Disney star cast as Aaliyah in TV biopic

Zendaya Coleman is set to play the late R&B singer in an upcoming TV biopic.

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