Steve & Teri: Podcasts




Yes, ‘touchdown’. And yes, that’s a baseball.


Five-Dollar Butt Stab

Sometimes a bad haircut can REALLY be a pain in the butt…


Steve and Danny Play Golf

It’s a good thing there weren’t any PGA scouts around…


Tongue Shaver

And you thought shaving your LEGS was a pain…


Discouraging social experiment… with a twist.

What would YOU do If you saw this child on the street?


We are smarter!

Are Steve and Teri smarter than the average person? Doubtful…


Teri plays Trivia Crack

Steve lost last week… Let’s see how Teri does!


Trevor challenges Steve to Trivia Crack

Steve is so smart….lol

steve and teri

Would you invoice a parent like they did?

The RSVP is a nice sophisticated request.¬† If you had a no-show, would you send a bill? (steve-n-teri):…

Deutscher Computerspielpreis in Berlin

Noisy Neighbors…whoops

What were they doing to make all that noise?

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