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Campaign rally for Charlie Crist

KNE Clips with Joe Biden and 50 Shades Fun

Rosie’s final view appearance, another Joe Biden gaffe and senior citizens review of “50 shades of grey”… Enjoy KNE Clips,…


Keene Riots- press conference highlights

KNE Clips featuring the Riots Press Conference

alex preston

Alex Preston with Steve and Teri

Amazing live performances!


Sexiest male names of 2014

By request, here’s the podcast that left Teri in stitches… (steve-n-teri): Play in new window | Download


Steve tells his story of an angry fish

Ossipee Lake is great.  Memorial Day weekend, family, warm weather…and a really angry fish. Listen:'S_WEEKEND_AT_THE_LAKE_KNE_FM.mp3Podcast (steve-n-teri): Play in…

scary guy

There’s someone the backseat…

Steve is a scaredy cat.  That’s it.'S_SITTING_IN_THE_CAR.mp3Podcast (steve-n-teri): Play in new window | Download


What the sexiest instrument a guy can play?

Drums- nope. Sax- maybe. Steve and Teri discuss the sexiest instruments… (steve-n-teri): Play in new window | Download


The whole story of “Listen honey Linda listen”

Here’s the whole story of “Linda Honey Listen” (steve-n-teri): Play in new window | Download


Which workplace irritants do we feel here? (steve-n-teri): Play in new window | Download


Top SNL bits of all-time

Rolling Stone recently released their best SNL bits.  Do you agree or disagree?  Post below after you listen. (steve-n-teri):…

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