Steve & Teri

Steve & Teri

Steve & Teri


Thursday, March 19, 201503/19/2015

My kind of workout!!

Uptown funk you up!


Tuesday, March 17, 201503/17/2015

Do you hear that bass?


Wednesday, March 11, 201503/11/2015

Discouraging social experiment… with a twist.

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What would YOU do If you saw this child on the street?


Wednesday, March 11, 201503/11/2015

We are smarter!

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Are Steve and Teri smarter than the average person? Doubtful…


Wednesday, March 11, 201503/11/2015

Teri plays Trivia Crack

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Steve lost last week… Let’s see how Teri does!

steve and teri

Monday, March 9, 201503/09/2015

This will make you mad, then happy.

The photo that started a Go fund me campaign and a Pharrell concert…


Thursday, March 5, 201503/05/2015

We didn’t know lions could do this either

“Push this button and some snacks pop out”


Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

Trevor challenges Steve to Trivia Crack

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Steve is so smart….lol


Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

Could you ignore this boy?

A social experiment in New York City finds some good…after a lot of bad.


Wednesday, February 25, 201502/25/2015

This baby is going to take over the world!

Cute baby…wicked evil laugh…

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